From Rachel and Marie McGlauflin

Hello Geneva,

My mom, Marie, and I, Rachel McGlauflin, send you our best wishes for a wonderful 80th birthday!!! We wish you good health and blessings during this wonderful holiday season. I don’t believe I ever met you but I surely remember Ivan and the visits he had at my mom and dad’s house over the years. He was such a dear man!

So, have a great birthday and know we are thinking of you on your 80th birthday! Eat lots of cake and enjoy the day!!

Much love,

Rachel and Marie McGlauflin

A Haiku from Ellen Griffin

Congratulations, Geneva!!
I hope you’re enjoying a wicked good birthday
and that there will be many more to come.

The gift of your life,
Your spirit and smiling face
Are gifts to us all!

Peace, Love, Lots of Laughs

From Mike, Missy, Ryan and Jeremy (McGlauflin)

It’s hard to believe my mother is turning 80 years old because that would mean I’m 50+ and my sister is 50++; although to be fair none of us seem to be aware of our age. It must be some genetic trait handed down from Mom but that doesn’t explain why others outside the immediate family seem to lose a few years in her presence also.
So what’s it like having Geneva as your Mom???? I was fortunate some years back to be involved in a very special project for the National Archives. Around a year into the project a display was opened in the Charters of Freedom rotunda in DC featuring a model of a state of the art document encasement and a short 15 minute video of the project up to that point that actually had a very short segment showing myself and the other team members assembling the model. So I decided to take Mom to the rotunda and let her see the charters, the model and video for herself; and as we came to the video I watched her, patiently waiting for my small bit to catch her attention.
Now those of you who’ve visited the rotunda are aware of the almost religious respect that comes over you. The place is really built as a sanctuary and the effect is emotional; people speak in hushed whispers and file quietly past the artifacts and documents; but not that afternoon because Mom turned to the people closest to her and proclaimed in a voice loud enough to rattle the light fixtures, “That’s my SON!”
Probably not a surprising story to those other Moms reading this; pride in your children and their accomplishments is I guess standard equipment in a Mom. My wife Melissa certainly does not pale when describing the accomplishments of our boys either.

So Happy 80th Birthday Mom from all of us, we all send our best wishes and Love on this special day. I must say though that considering your energy and health, I expect we’ll be doing this again in ten years.

Missy, Jeremy, Ryan and Mike

From Gabrielle Rippey

Happy Birthday Geneva! Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday, good food, good presents, good party, the whole nine yards!
lots of love,


From Laurie Burns

Birthday Greetings from Troy!

Hi Geneva! Hope you are having a great 80th birthday! We miss you up here in Troy. Come visit us sometime and we will give you a ride on the library’s new elevator.

Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes Aunt Geneva! (from Arnie Porter)

As I think back of how your life has impacted me, I recall one experience that has continued to speak volumes to me throughout the years thereafter:

I was but a child of about 8 years old in the late 1950’s, sitting there on the floor of my grandparent’s (Ivan and Eva McGlauflin) livingroom floor. I was watching you and Uncle Ivan sing a duet on a local Presque Isle T.V. channel; during a church service broadcast. What impressed me the most was not how well you sang together, but was the loving way you looked at each other as you sang together. From that moment on,and thereafter,I  began to observe your marriage. I saw what marriage centered in Christ looked like; for the first time in my life.

Both you and Uncle Ivan have left your spiritual footprints on my heart! May God continue to richly bless you!

Arnie Porter

Birthday Facts for Your 80th — from Ivana Lee (Ellis) Kyle

Hi, Aunt Geneva,
Along with wishes for a wonderful 80th birthday, I have compiled a list of facts pertaining to your date of birth and year of birth. Hope you enjoy reading them, and that God blesses you with your birthday surprise!
Lee (Ellis) Kyle ….. Avis’ daughter

BIRTHDAY: 7 December 1930

Your date of conception was on or about 16 March 1930 which was a Sunday.

You were born on a Sunday under the astrological sign Sagittarius.

Your fortune cookie reads: You will have gold pieces by the bushel.

You were born in the Chinese year of the Horse.

Your Native American Zodiac sign is Owl; your plant is Mistletoe.

Celebrities who share your birthday:
Aaron Carter (1987), Tino Martinez (1967), C. Thomas Howell (1966),
Edd Hall (1958), Larry Bird (1956), Tom Waits (1949),
Johnny Bench (1947), Harry Chapin (1942), Ellen Burstyn (1932),
Ted Knight (1923), Eli Wallach (1915), Louis Prima (1910)

You are 80 years old.
You are 960 months old.
You are 4,174 weeks old.
You are 29,220 days old.
You are 701,302 hours old.
You are 42,078,125 minutes old.
You are 2,524,687,559 seconds old.

Your cake will have 80 candles.
Those 80 candles produce 80 BTUs,or 20,160 calories of heat (that’s only 20.1600 food Calories!).
You can boil 9.14 US ounces of water with that many candles.

In 1930 the US population was approximately 122,775,046 people, 41.2 persons per square mile.
In 1930 the average new house cost $7,145.00.
In 1930 the average income per year was $1,970.00.
In 1930 a gallon of gas was 10 cents.
In 1930 the average cost of new car was $640.00.

Your birth flower is Poinsettia.

Your birthstone is Blue Zircon
The Mystical properties of Blue Zircon: Zircon helps one be more at peace with oneself.

Your birth tree is: Hornbeam, the good taste
Of cool beauty, cares for its looks and condition, good taste, tends to egoism, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads reasonable, disciplined life, looks for kindness, an emotional partner and acknowledgment, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with her feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.

From Wayne Montgomery

Dear Aunt Geneva,

Remembering the 61 (almost 62) years that we have known each other, my love, admiration and appreciation for you overwhelm me. There were the sad times like that awful night that Grampa and Nana Glazier died in the automobile accident, and the wonderful times when we visited you and Uncle Ivan at the Maine State ‘Y’ camp. I also felt privileged to enjoy yours and Uncle Ivan’s love and hospitality in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Troy. It’s special now to be able to visit you in Annapolis with Debbie and Skip nearby.

I remember the time when I made that bicycle built for two, and Debbie and I rode it into Bucksport. I remember the time that Debbie, Michael and I stepped on the yellow-jacket’s nest by the railroad track in Bucksport, and ran home, clothes full of stinging insects, with what seemed like hundreds more following behind us.

Through all those years, I have loved you. I know that Debbie and Michael understand how special, wise and spiritual you are. I love your faith and strength and humor. I remember how wonderful you and Uncle Ivan always were to me and to Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday – 80 amazing years old!


From Richard Glazier

Hi Gen,
I have been looking forward to wishing you a Happy 80th Birthday. It is quite an accomplishment and I’m not too far behind at 74. One thing comes back to mind. When I called you one time and asked you what you were doing you told me that you were sitting on your back porch and looking out at the Chesepeke Bay. I thought that was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I enjoy recalling the times we’ve spent together like the time we went to New York with our two families and visited an old fort. There was a high point on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. It was a historic Revolutionary War site. We took pictures and the kids were all so young.
You will be interested to know that I took Ivan’s old cribbage board to a therepy appointment and gave my therapist his first cribbage lesson.
Here’s wishing you all the best that life can offer. You have always been a good friend and wonderful sister.

With Love and Affection,
Your little brother, Richard
PS. Please call me anytime. I always look forward to our talks.

The Perfect Mother (from Skip Conover)

Dear Geneva,

I didn’t want to begin this tribute by referring to you as my “Mother-in-Law,” because you have always been the perfect Mother to me.  And, you can be quite satisfied that you have lived 80 years as the perfect archetypal image of the American Woman of our time.

When I imagine your early years, I see nothing but a Norman Rockwell painting of American life, with all its joys and sorrows.  I do that because I know that in the 25 years I have known you, that’s the way I’ve seen it in fact.

Looking back on that day 25 years ago, when Debbi introduced you to me, I am certain there must have been apprehension on your part.  That is natural for a Mother to feel that about her little girl’s intended.  But your welcoming hug never let on your doubts, and you have always seemed a Mother to me, and I cherish my time with you just as much as I did spending time with Jeanne.  I’m so pleased that you became such good friends during her lifetime, so that both of you could enjoy and learn from one another.

Looking back on the first 80 years of a perfect American life must be gratifying.  You were born into a time of struggle, but learned, like so many of your generation, to make the most out of each of God’s blessings.  It seems we have much to learn from your simple Faith that Happiness is all around us.  I don’t mean the giddy happiness of a 5-year-old’s birthday party, but the mature and stable Happiness that is informed by God’s grace and gifts.

You were Ivan’s Bride, and he was your Sailor, ready to make a place for you both in the post WWII stability that we all remember fondly.  It was a peace you both helped to preserve in the war, and you both helped to build for all of the years since.  You raised two brilliant children, both of whom have made outstanding contributions to society.  I know your Granddaughters and Great Grandchildren will always remember your stable model as they mold their own lives year by year.

Debbi and I have both cherished the years we have enjoyed together here in Annapolis, and we look forward to the day that you decide that you would rather not make that 10-minute drive home after a quiet evening together, and just join our household.  We will welcome that time, and we will be glad that we can have more leisure to enjoy being with you.

I am sure I have much more to learn from you.  I look forward to our continuing interactions on Faith, politics, Family, and Happiness, to name just a few of our many discussion topics.  It has been my great pleasure to be a part of your life, and I look forward to continuing that pleasure for many years to come.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Skip

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