Thank you! (from Geneva)

What a perfectly wonderful surprise ! I am delighted to read (and re-read) the birthday greetings from all of you. It is so nice to recall such pleasant memories and to see the many ways our paths have touched over the years. I plan to reply to each one of you with a personal message so watch your email or mail. A heartfelt thank you for taking the time to get in touch. It was so thoughtful of Debbie to plan such a meaningful surprise. When I was a girl scout we used to sing “make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, the other is gold.”   How true!

Speaking of singing, click on the link below to check out a short video of my Annapolis friends singing in the holidays AND my birthday on December 7 at the Reynolds Tavern Tea Room.



The Surprise Revealed!

Geneva was very surprised and truly thrilled with the blog and plans to post a thank-you here AND write everyone individually when the festivities are over (she has more birthday events today and on Saturday). We revealed it at a birthday tea attended by some of her closest Annapolis friends. As part of the festivities, we printed out and presented screenshots of the blog to her and gave her a list of everyone who posted messages.

She came to our house after the tea and took her time reading through them all. She read them all again the next day – the first of many times I’m sure. She was very moved that so many people cared enough to log on and say such wonderful things.

We cannot thank you all enough for making this SUCH a special gift! Please check back here to see her response.


From Lori Forman

Geneva, happy birthday from another December birthday girl! While the calendar may say “80″, your spirit of adventure says something much less, and your love of life is ageless. I will always remember our joint holiday in Honolulu last year: the joy of the holidays mixed with the adventure of campus living, a first trip to the islands, and good times with good friends. The warmth of the islands is nothing compared to the warmth of your friendship, a gift I’ve been honored to receive. Let’s toast to many gifts of well-deserved words from your friends, and for many more times of celebration to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lori Forman

From Pat Biggers

You are such a wonderful model for us in your positive outlook, good spirits, and open attitude to life and to new experiences. There is a sweetness about you that I can see is part of the mix passed on to your “Maine girl” offspring! It is always a treat to see you when I visit Annapolis and a pleasure to know that you’ve settled in there so well. May your next years be as happy as these past years have been for you. And may you be royally feted on the occasion of the Big 80!

With much affection, Pat Biggers