From Laurie Burns

Birthday Greetings from Troy!

Hi Geneva! Hope you are having a great 80th birthday! We miss you up here in Troy. Come visit us sometime and we will give you a ride on the library’s new elevator.

Happy Birthday!


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Geneva! (from Ron Geuther)

July 2008 Visit

Hi Geneva:

So happy to be able to post this message in celebration of your 80th (WOW!) birthday.

So many memories from the years I have known you:
* Singing together in the choir at First Baptist Church in Troy, NY
* Serving with you on several chruch committees/Boards
* Singing together in Troy Musical Arts
* Trips to various concerts in the Captial District such as SPAC
* Five trips to visit you in your new home in Annapolis
* Traveling on those visits to five concerts by the Baltimore Symphony (featuring your “favorite” concert master) to hear such works as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Tchaikovsky concertos, Mozart concertos,and Cirque de Symphonie
* Our adventurous return trips from those concerts (such as almost ending up in Washington DC)
* Boat rides on the Bay
* My first sampling of crab cakes

In closing I wish you a very happy 80th. I have enjoyed knowing you and our “adventures” together so much.

All my best to a great lady and friend,


From Joan Windsor

Dear Geneva,

Many good wishes to you on your 80th birthday! I have thought of you and hoped that things were going well. I saw your picture on Deb’s letter and you certainly look wonderful!

Geneva, I am very grateful that you and Ivan were our neighbors on DeLee Drive for so many years. I have fond memories of visiting in your home around the Christmas holidays and going caroling in the neighborhood.
Both you and Ivan had lovely singing voices. I remembers when Ivan came over to shoot hoops with Larry, Michael and Brian (“Bear”) and the time when you both came outside to see Mike going to his first prom in a limo!

Thank you for your many kindnesses over the years and for making your home and property such an attractive part of our neighborhood.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


From Carol Sherman

Dear Geneva,

May your 80th Birthday be the best one yet. I wish you many more years of good health and much happiness. Will be thinking of you.

Love and best wishes,

From Ruth and Matt Sweet

Hi Geneva,
Happy 80th Birthday. What a great milestone for you.
What great memories we have from working at the old TPL.
My best memories of there always include you.
Have a great celebration.

Ruth and Matt Sweet

From Elizabeth Covell

Dear Geneva,

I was so glad to hear that you are celebrating your 80th birthday. Can’t believe it! So many years have passed since the party at your home on New Years — that was such a special gathering, and many others we enjoyed together while you and your family lived in Warwick. My thoughts go back to Eva, too.

I’m sure you are enjoying your family — what a blessing they are! We have our compound here, except for David who lives 2 hours away. It’s been five years since Bishop passed away. I sure do wish he could enjoy our 13 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. But I am SO blessed — the boys and Jean are so good to me.

I sincerely hope that you have a great day and many more.

Much love,

From Carol and Charlie Reppard

Happy 80th birthday to my “Josh” loving friend. I think back often on the good times we had, both at work and with Josh. Who else would sit in a metal building during a thunderstorm to listen to him?! I hope your day is a gorgeous one full of great memories and friends and lots of cake. It is a milestone to be celebrated in a grand manner. Charlie and I will keep you in our prayers always. PS: Remember to pat the “bear” for me.

Love always,
Carol and Charlie

From Pauline Petterson

Dear Geneva,

The “grapevine” tells me you are celebrating your 80th birthday. My 80th was a few years ago.

I have lots of fond memories of you and Ivan — a New Year’s Eve party at your home when the electricity went off. Many fun choir weekends at Balch Lake, sleeping (or not) on the porch, making ice cream, and the year Ivan had a PAPER bathing suit. We all sat breathlessly waiting for him to come out of the water!

I am still involved at Warwick Central and we are experiencing declining attendance as are most churches it seems. But we have a great pastor and the choir is still strong.

Dwight passed away in 2000, as you may know, but I’m still in the same house.

I’m sure you have stayed busy these past few years — it surely is the best way.

Sending you my very best wishes.


From Connie and Bob Warren

Dear Geneva,
We were so pleased to hear of the celebration of eighty years of your life’s investment. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been some thirty years since we were fortunate to have shared some brief years in that investment with you and Ivan. You have to be pleased and fulfilled to reflect on your many and rewarding years. The McGlauflins have touched, positively, so many folks. We wish you many more years of investment and reward.
Connie and Bob Warren

From Jerry and Vera Whitman

Geneva, We miss you and think of you often. You are such a good friend. We also miss the pleasantness of your beautiful alto voice. Times change and life goes on. Kirsten is 34. She and her husband Joe have an 18 month old Victoria Catherine. Kurt is almost 31. He and his wife marie have 6 yr old Alyssa Marie and 3 yr old Ethan Gerald. We wich you so much happiness on your 80th birthday. May you have many more. Love and God’s blessings to you, always.

Vera & Jerry

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