From the Burrills

Dear Geneva

How Margie and I have tried for years to get you on the telephone, but just getting ringing with no answer. Now I know that your telephone number changed, and we did not know it.

There are so many memories we have of our times with you and Ivan. Starting with that surprise meeting at the Pastor’ house in Wallingford. From that time on, we had many good times together. We remember especially those times that we were able to go up to Marion’s cottage. Remember that night we got home late and Ivan just had to have one cast out on the lake and how he got a real big bass. Then Ivan and I went to play golf the next day while you and Marge went shopping in Sturbridge. Now we remember the trips we had to visit you in Troy, New York. Other than playing Yatzee for hours, the same things occurred: Ivan and I played golf, and you and Marge went shopping! We also remember when you took us down to see the beautiful spot where Ivan rests. And how about those times you took us downtown on Sundays to be in the church with you. You sure are a beautiful singer.

It is hard to put into words how much we enjoyed being with you two. No one like you two have been in our lives ever since. We love you and miss you.

Now you have joined us in the 80-year group. The good Lord has been good to you, and we hope that you will enjoy your family for many more years.


Love from Bill and Marge Burrill