From Wendy McCann

Dear Geneva,

Wishing you a birthday filled with happy memories and fun surprises. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his loving hands.

All my best,
Wendy McCann

From Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche

Tashi Delek Geneva, I wish you a very Happy Birth Day. Congratulation and my best wishes from Indonesia.
Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche

A Haiku from Ellen Griffin

Congratulations, Geneva!!
I hope you’re enjoying a wicked good birthday
and that there will be many more to come.

The gift of your life,
Your spirit and smiling face
Are gifts to us all!

Peace, Love, Lots of Laughs

From Gabrielle Rippey

Happy Birthday Geneva! Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday, good food, good presents, good party, the whole nine yards!
lots of love,


From Joss Bayer

Aloha Geneva!

Hauoli la hanau – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wish you were here in Hawaii!
Gosh, time sure flies! I remember you, Deb, and Skip just a year ago taking group pictures in front of the huge ornate Christmas tree in the lobby of the Ala Moana Hotel and having dim sum with my family. Then there was our wonderful sunset picnic at Ala Moana Beach Park eating “local style grind” and striking a sexy pose behind a surfboard!
Remember our tour of my brother-in-law, Ken’s Hawaii Oil Spill Responder ship at Nimitz Shipyard dock? You were like a little kid, inquisitive and happily energetic climbing those steep stairwells. Your spirit is timeless and youthful !!! You are such an inspiration, a trouper!
Geneva, you exude the quintessence of humility; there is a quiet elegance and worldly wisdom about you that comes from having lived a full and fruitful existence. I am happy to celebrate along with your family and friends this most wonderful day marking your milestone in your life”s journey!

Wishing you abundance of grace and happiness!
Warmest Aloha from all of us here in Honolulu, Hawaii,
– joss, Angie, Fran, Ken, and Dane

From Mary Louise Wisniewski

Geneva! Happy 80th to a wonderful friend and great cruise companion! My fondest memory of you is when, after one of our Caribbean cruises, we stayed in South Beach, Miami for a quick tour before heading back to Annapolis. While we were walking down the beach, we spotted two very young, tanned and buff men in thong bikinis walking ahead of us. At the time, you had not yet moved from Troy, and said “Oh my God, I’m living in the wrong place!”

All our love and best wishes for many more memories to be made, ML and Stan
Mary Louise Wisniewski

From Nancy Snyder

Happy 80th Birthday, Geneva!

Do you remember when you and Jinny first greeted me in church? I do because afterward I was always searching for “Jinny and Geneva”. I was so lucky to find you in our circle. I remember a light going on and asking “Are you two the Jinny and Geneva who greeted me one of my first Sundays at First Presbyterian?”
I am SO glad to have you in my life. I enjoy every peaceful moment I spend in your presence. Like you I look forward to many more good times together as I truly cherish your friendship.

Love and best wishes for a happy, healthy year,

From Nancy Lear

Congratulations on being a wonderful, youthful, caring and giving 80 year old. I honestly would have guessed you to be in your early 70′s. Though I’ve only known you a few years, our time together has been very enjoyable, and I send many thanks for all the rides you’ve given to me and for the many things you do for First Pres.

With love,
Nancy L.

From Jinny Corneliussen

Dear Geneva,

Happy 80th birthday to a very special lady!

Five years ago we did not know each other. You had come from Troy N.Y. (and (Maine) and I had come from California. Our daughters, independent of each other, had chosen First Presbyterian Church for us. And there we met, and there began our wonderful friendship.

You soon became an indispensable part of the library committee, and began helping out in the office, then you became leader of Circle 2, and we all love your efficient leadership.

You have endeared yourself to everyone who knows you. You are always doing helpful things for others — in spite of your own problems (one would never know you had any !!!), and how I appreciate all you have done for me — all those rides, your true friendship, and your patient understanding always.

So on you 80th, I’m wishing for you all the joy you can hold — today and in the years to come!

With much love,

From Pat and Jim Campbell

Happy 80th. Hope your day is super special.

Pat and Jim Campbell

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