From Mike, Missy, Ryan and Jeremy (McGlauflin)

It’s hard to believe my mother is turning 80 years old because that would mean I’m 50+ and my sister is 50++; although to be fair none of us seem to be aware of our age. It must be some genetic trait handed down from Mom but that doesn’t explain why others outside the immediate family seem to lose a few years in her presence also.
So what’s it like having Geneva as your Mom???? I was fortunate some years back to be involved in a very special project for the National Archives. Around a year into the project a display was opened in the Charters of Freedom rotunda in DC featuring a model of a state of the art document encasement and a short 15 minute video of the project up to that point that actually had a very short segment showing myself and the other team members assembling the model. So I decided to take Mom to the rotunda and let her see the charters, the model and video for herself; and as we came to the video I watched her, patiently waiting for my small bit to catch her attention.
Now those of you who’ve visited the rotunda are aware of the almost religious respect that comes over you. The place is really built as a sanctuary and the effect is emotional; people speak in hushed whispers and file quietly past the artifacts and documents; but not that afternoon because Mom turned to the people closest to her and proclaimed in a voice loud enough to rattle the light fixtures, “That’s my SON!”
Probably not a surprising story to those other Moms reading this; pride in your children and their accomplishments is I guess standard equipment in a Mom. My wife Melissa certainly does not pale when describing the accomplishments of our boys either.

So Happy 80th Birthday Mom from all of us, we all send our best wishes and Love on this special day. I must say though that considering your energy and health, I expect we’ll be doing this again in ten years.

Missy, Jeremy, Ryan and Mike

From Gabrielle Rippey

Happy Birthday Geneva! Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday, good food, good presents, good party, the whole nine yards!
lots of love,


From Laurie Burns

Birthday Greetings from Troy!

Hi Geneva! Hope you are having a great 80th birthday! We miss you up here in Troy. Come visit us sometime and we will give you a ride on the library’s new elevator.

Happy Birthday!


From Wayne Montgomery

Dear Aunt Geneva,

Remembering the 61 (almost 62) years that we have known each other, my love, admiration and appreciation for you overwhelm me. There were the sad times like that awful night that Grampa and Nana Glazier died in the automobile accident, and the wonderful times when we visited you and Uncle Ivan at the Maine State ‘Y’ camp. I also felt privileged to enjoy yours and Uncle Ivan’s love and hospitality in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Troy. It’s special now to be able to visit you in Annapolis with Debbie and Skip nearby.

I remember the time when I made that bicycle built for two, and Debbie and I rode it into Bucksport. I remember the time that Debbie, Michael and I stepped on the yellow-jacket’s nest by the railroad track in Bucksport, and ran home, clothes full of stinging insects, with what seemed like hundreds more following behind us.

Through all those years, I have loved you. I know that Debbie and Michael understand how special, wise and spiritual you are. I love your faith and strength and humor. I remember how wonderful you and Uncle Ivan always were to me and to Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday – 80 amazing years old!


From Richard Glazier

Hi Gen,
I have been looking forward to wishing you a Happy 80th Birthday. It is quite an accomplishment and I’m not too far behind at 74. One thing comes back to mind. When I called you one time and asked you what you were doing you told me that you were sitting on your back porch and looking out at the Chesepeke Bay. I thought that was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I enjoy recalling the times we’ve spent together like the time we went to New York with our two families and visited an old fort. There was a high point on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. It was a historic Revolutionary War site. We took pictures and the kids were all so young.
You will be interested to know that I took Ivan’s old cribbage board to a therepy appointment and gave my therapist his first cribbage lesson.
Here’s wishing you all the best that life can offer. You have always been a good friend and wonderful sister.

With Love and Affection,
Your little brother, Richard
PS. Please call me anytime. I always look forward to our talks.

From Joan Windsor

Dear Geneva,

Many good wishes to you on your 80th birthday! I have thought of you and hoped that things were going well. I saw your picture on Deb’s letter and you certainly look wonderful!

Geneva, I am very grateful that you and Ivan were our neighbors on DeLee Drive for so many years. I have fond memories of visiting in your home around the Christmas holidays and going caroling in the neighborhood.
Both you and Ivan had lovely singing voices. I remembers when Ivan came over to shoot hoops with Larry, Michael and Brian (“Bear”) and the time when you both came outside to see Mike going to his first prom in a limo!

Thank you for your many kindnesses over the years and for making your home and property such an attractive part of our neighborhood.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


From Carol Sherman

Dear Geneva,

May your 80th Birthday be the best one yet. I wish you many more years of good health and much happiness. Will be thinking of you.

Love and best wishes,

From Richard and Connie Glazier

Dear Geneva,
You have been in our foremost thoughts as your 80th birthday is rapidly approaching. We would love to be there to give you a birthday hug and kiss, and to reminisce about our times together and apart. At our wedding in 1960 you looked so beautiful, and Ivan sang the Lord’s Prayer and Because (a dear sweet memory).
I remember our visit to Presque Isle when Mom and Dad Glazier were killed; and how you decided to give us the electric frying pan that was intended for Mom and Dad. Later , you gave us a silver fork from the Glazier silver and furniture that Richard still has in his man cave.
We remember when you visited us at our first apartment on the third floor , and the entire McGlauflin family slept on the floor in our livingroom. And you helped clean up the kitchen and shined the toaster to a sparkle.
We remember visiting you at YMCA camp and at various places that you
lived due to Ivan’s career. Those special occasions were all memorable.
Through the years you have given us well loved memories and you have been a blessing to Richard who loves to call and talk to you on the phone.
(I love it too).
In our basement we have a room that Richard wants to make into a guest room especially for you.
The fond memories of you keep coming to mind and we love you and hope this birthday is the best ever. Hopefully soon things will work out so that you can come and stay with us for a visit.
Love forever,
Your sister-in-law, Connie
And brother Richard

From Janet Laverdiere

Dear Aunt Geneva,
I am so happy to be able to post a message to you for your 80th birthday. First, Happy Birthday! It is wonderful to hear from Debbie that you are healthy and well and recouperating from your knee injury just fine. I hope we will see you up here to visit Dad sometime maybe this summer. And I would love to spend some time with you too. I have always admired you auntie. You are one of the kindest and loving people I know. I’m glad that you and Dad have stayed close even though you don’t live near each other. You mean the world to him.
Your niece,

From Joss Bayer

Aloha Geneva!

Hauoli la hanau – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wish you were here in Hawaii!
Gosh, time sure flies! I remember you, Deb, and Skip just a year ago taking group pictures in front of the huge ornate Christmas tree in the lobby of the Ala Moana Hotel and having dim sum with my family. Then there was our wonderful sunset picnic at Ala Moana Beach Park eating “local style grind” and striking a sexy pose behind a surfboard!
Remember our tour of my brother-in-law, Ken’s Hawaii Oil Spill Responder ship at Nimitz Shipyard dock? You were like a little kid, inquisitive and happily energetic climbing those steep stairwells. Your spirit is timeless and youthful !!! You are such an inspiration, a trouper!
Geneva, you exude the quintessence of humility; there is a quiet elegance and worldly wisdom about you that comes from having lived a full and fruitful existence. I am happy to celebrate along with your family and friends this most wonderful day marking your milestone in your life”s journey!

Wishing you abundance of grace and happiness!
Warmest Aloha from all of us here in Honolulu, Hawaii,
– joss, Angie, Fran, Ken, and Dane

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