From Paula Rae Porter (niece)

Dear Aunt Geneva, how lovely it is that you are celebrating your 80th birthday!!! I wish you the happiest of days and that you will be enjoying many, many more birthdays to come!!! One of my fondest memories of time spent with you and Uncle Bub and Debbie and Mike was when Uncle Bub drove us all to the top of Mount Greylock at night. Iwas probably around 8 years old or so, and I saw for the very first time a city at night. I remember it sparkled like a diamond necklace and I was so impressed!!! What an adventure it was to come to visit you!!! I have always thought of you as the most beautiful of ladies…an angel in fact. Thank you for gracing my life with your presence and for being such a wonderful Aunt to me!!! Happy, Happy 80th Birthday Aunt Geneva!!! I love you very much!!!

From your loving neice, Paula Rae

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