From Mike, Missy, Ryan and Jeremy (McGlauflin)

It’s hard to believe my mother is turning 80 years old because that would mean I’m 50+ and my sister is 50++; although to be fair none of us seem to be aware of our age. It must be some genetic trait handed down from Mom but that doesn’t explain why others outside the immediate family seem to lose a few years in her presence also.
So what’s it like having Geneva as your Mom???? I was fortunate some years back to be involved in a very special project for the National Archives. Around a year into the project a display was opened in the Charters of Freedom rotunda in DC featuring a model of a state of the art document encasement and a short 15 minute video of the project up to that point that actually had a very short segment showing myself and the other team members assembling the model. So I decided to take Mom to the rotunda and let her see the charters, the model and video for herself; and as we came to the video I watched her, patiently waiting for my small bit to catch her attention.
Now those of you who’ve visited the rotunda are aware of the almost religious respect that comes over you. The place is really built as a sanctuary and the effect is emotional; people speak in hushed whispers and file quietly past the artifacts and documents; but not that afternoon because Mom turned to the people closest to her and proclaimed in a voice loud enough to rattle the light fixtures, “That’s my SON!”
Probably not a surprising story to those other Moms reading this; pride in your children and their accomplishments is I guess standard equipment in a Mom. My wife Melissa certainly does not pale when describing the accomplishments of our boys either.

So Happy 80th Birthday Mom from all of us, we all send our best wishes and Love on this special day. I must say though that considering your energy and health, I expect we’ll be doing this again in ten years.

Missy, Jeremy, Ryan and Mike

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