From Wayne Montgomery

Dear Aunt Geneva,

Remembering the 61 (almost 62) years that we have known each other, my love, admiration and appreciation for you overwhelm me. There were the sad times like that awful night that Grampa and Nana Glazier died in the automobile accident, and the wonderful times when we visited you and Uncle Ivan at the Maine State ‘Y’ camp. I also felt privileged to enjoy yours and Uncle Ivan’s love and hospitality in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Troy. It’s special now to be able to visit you in Annapolis with Debbie and Skip nearby.

I remember the time when I made that bicycle built for two, and Debbie and I rode it into Bucksport. I remember the time that Debbie, Michael and I stepped on the yellow-jacket’s nest by the railroad track in Bucksport, and ran home, clothes full of stinging insects, with what seemed like hundreds more following behind us.

Through all those years, I have loved you. I know that Debbie and Michael understand how special, wise and spiritual you are. I love your faith and strength and humor. I remember how wonderful you and Uncle Ivan always were to me and to Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday – 80 amazing years old!


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