From Richard and Connie Glazier

Dear Geneva,
You have been in our foremost thoughts as your 80th birthday is rapidly approaching. We would love to be there to give you a birthday hug and kiss, and to reminisce about our times together and apart. At our wedding in 1960 you looked so beautiful, and Ivan sang the Lord’s Prayer and Because (a dear sweet memory).
I remember our visit to Presque Isle when Mom and Dad Glazier were killed; and how you decided to give us the electric frying pan that was intended for Mom and Dad. Later , you gave us a silver fork from the Glazier silver and furniture that Richard still has in his man cave.
We remember when you visited us at our first apartment on the third floor , and the entire McGlauflin family slept on the floor in our livingroom. And you helped clean up the kitchen and shined the toaster to a sparkle.
We remember visiting you at YMCA camp and at various places that you
lived due to Ivan’s career. Those special occasions were all memorable.
Through the years you have given us well loved memories and you have been a blessing to Richard who loves to call and talk to you on the phone.
(I love it too).
In our basement we have a room that Richard wants to make into a guest room especially for you.
The fond memories of you keep coming to mind and we love you and hope this birthday is the best ever. Hopefully soon things will work out so that you can come and stay with us for a visit.
Love forever,
Your sister-in-law, Connie
And brother Richard

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