From Joss Bayer

Aloha Geneva!

Hauoli la hanau – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wish you were here in Hawaii!
Gosh, time sure flies! I remember you, Deb, and Skip just a year ago taking group pictures in front of the huge ornate Christmas tree in the lobby of the Ala Moana Hotel and having dim sum with my family. Then there was our wonderful sunset picnic at Ala Moana Beach Park eating “local style grind” and striking a sexy pose behind a surfboard!
Remember our tour of my brother-in-law, Ken’s Hawaii Oil Spill Responder ship at Nimitz Shipyard dock? You were like a little kid, inquisitive and happily energetic climbing those steep stairwells. Your spirit is timeless and youthful !!! You are such an inspiration, a trouper!
Geneva, you exude the quintessence of humility; there is a quiet elegance and worldly wisdom about you that comes from having lived a full and fruitful existence. I am happy to celebrate along with your family and friends this most wonderful day marking your milestone in your life”s journey!

Wishing you abundance of grace and happiness!
Warmest Aloha from all of us here in Honolulu, Hawaii,
– joss, Angie, Fran, Ken, and Dane

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