From Jinny Corneliussen

Dear Geneva,

Happy 80th birthday to a very special lady!

Five years ago we did not know each other. You had come from Troy N.Y. (and (Maine) and I had come from California. Our daughters, independent of each other, had chosen First Presbyterian Church for us. And there we met, and there began our wonderful friendship.

You soon became an indispensable part of the library committee, and began helping out in the office, then you became leader of Circle 2, and we all love your efficient leadership.

You have endeared yourself to everyone who knows you. You are always doing helpful things for others ā€” in spite of your own problems (one would never know you had any !!!), and how I appreciate all you have done for me ā€” all those rides, your true friendship, and your patient understanding always.

So on you 80th, Iā€™m wishing for you all the joy you can hold ā€” today and in the years to come!

With much love,

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