From Harriett Marshall (Cousin and Maid of Honor)

Geneva, when you were 5 and I was 3, my grandmother, mother, brother Warren and I moved to 22 Western Avenue in the “rent” upstairs over you and your family. For the next 15 years, we became not only cousins, but best of friends and playmates.

Now that you are celebrating your 80th birthday, I’d like to reminisce a little: I remember “playing between the houses,” sitting on the front steps counting cars, playing hide and seek, jump rope and hopscotch, sharing our bikes and scooters, eating Grammie Richardson’s freshly made donuts, stealing rhubarb from Jim Illingsworth’s garden, writing and performing our own plays in the big shed, whispering and giggling over “the facts of life” when we thought we knew it all from your big sister Elinor, going to Youth Group meetings where Donald Wrigley became our important part of daydreaming, spending truly countless hours in the children’s room at the Library, and sharing in the excitement generated by your enrollment in good old Gorham State Teachers College.

Then our ways started to separate a little, but I remember the tall, handsome and talented young man, Ivan McGlauflin, that you brought home to meet your family. All of a sudden, you were the petite radiant bride and I was wearing a light orchid gown and floppy hat as your maid of honor.

Years have come and gone. God blessed us both with Christian husbands and you with two children. Now we are both widows who share the blessed hope of spending Eternity with our Savior, family and friends.

After all these years, I wonder if you still have the one piece of jewelry that I always associate with you? Your dainty gold watch that hung from a gold bar pin?

Dear Cousin, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Keep looking up for our redemption draws near.


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