From Pauline Petterson

Dear Geneva,

The “grapevine” tells me you are celebrating your 80th birthday. My 80th was a few years ago.

I have lots of fond memories of you and Ivan — a New Year’s Eve party at your home when the electricity went off. Many fun choir weekends at Balch Lake, sleeping (or not) on the porch, making ice cream, and the year Ivan had a PAPER bathing suit. We all sat breathlessly waiting for him to come out of the water!

I am still involved at Warwick Central and we are experiencing declining attendance as are most churches it seems. But we have a great pastor and the choir is still strong.

Dwight passed away in 2000, as you may know, but I’m still in the same house.

I’m sure you have stayed busy these past few years — it surely is the best way.

Sending you my very best wishes.


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