From Gayle Porter

Hi, Aunt Geneva,
There is so much to write about as I recall the fun-filled memories concerning you, Uncle Bub, Deb and Mike. One of my earliest memories concerns my mother, you and I shoveling out the wellhouse on State Road. The pipes had frozen–and, of course, the men were off working somewhere. So you and Mum took it upon yourselves to shovel feet and feet of snow off the well house roof, so the pump could be thawed. Both of you took to laughing so hard, that you couldn’t continue shoveling for a few moments.

I never really understood that type of laughter until I was much older. I came to the understanding that sometimes the tasks associated with Life are so formidable, that one simply must laugh through it, just be silly and enjoy the moment. I have used this story as a metaphor in my lectures and teachings. Through your expereince, you have taught many.

Your presence has been a blessing to me. I have watched you grow in grace and a peaceful beauty that is admirable. I wish you an astounding 80th and hope to match your energy.

I love you, Aunt Geneva,

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