From Dian Corneliussen-James

You have been such a wonderful friend to my mother, Jinny. When I first moved her to Annapolis in 2005 I knew if would be quite an adjustment for an 88-year-old, native Californian. To help, I quickly found her a church I thought she would like and on her very first day there, she met another new parishioner … you! What a delight to learn you lived less than one mile from her … and what a great connection this has been! You have been so gracious and kind to take her to church and to circle meetings and to be her wonderful friend from Maine. And you have very kindly stayed in touch with me and helped my “mum” when she has needed it. I have greatly enjoyed your sunny personality, your enthusiasm, your helpfulness and your tales of New England … but most of all what I think of most when I think of you is your smile … which never seems to leave your face. May you have many, many more years of happy smiles.
With love and the warmest of birthday wishes from Dian

Dian Corneliussen-James

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