From Cecelia Shloul

Dear Ginny,

I remember the day I first met you. You became my Sister and have been my Sister ever since. I love you dearly. We have done so many things together to make many memories. So many places. Remember the night Elaine and I showed up on your doorstep in the middle of a SNOWSTORM in Troy after crossing the Berkshires. Elaine wanted to drive all the way to Clyde but I tricked her and got off at your place in Troy. Then there was the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Nursing Home off of Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence with the whole family. My memory of that was that I lost one of the forks from my silverware set in the garbage can. We can add to all this Wayne County, Maine, Mass., Maryland, and Annapolis and Debbie’s wedding.
Its things like that that make up the fabric of our lives.You have reached the BIG 80! CONGRATULATIONS! May you have many more. God Bless you.

I Love You, Cecelia

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